Transition session 1-100wc But where would i hide it all

I wish i had a million bouncy balls but where would i hide them all. I would bounce them and through them all around.Even know it would make a lot of sound. I wish i had lots of slime but where would i hide it all. It would be sticky and slimy but i would get it everywhere so maybe not today. I really wish i had a motorbike but my garden is to small and where would i hide it, in the garage or in the sea  maybe not because it would really hate me.

alice dreaming

This play was about a girl called Alice and she tried to change the world but everyone thought she was weird. The show was a mixed Alice and wonderland and The wizard of oz. Alice dosent have any friends she meets some people and has fun with them. She eventually gets some new friends. Sadly one of them dies because of an animal atacked him. He is a bird and his name is albertrose. Whenever Alice is in trouble he flies her away with her in his wings. The thing i didnt get was at the start where everyone was yelling at her.


Comments are a why to comunicate with other kids at MPPS . Comments are used to talk about work.

there should be posotive things in the comments.

there should be 2 things thats good about the text and 1  thing mprove on.


I woke up in a wooden cabin. I got out of my bed i couldnt stand. I opened the door and saw some canons. I was on a pirate ship. The canons were at the sides of the ship. But then i saw a man steering the ship he turned around but i couldnt see it. It was pitch black under its cloke. Its hard to tell you what it looked like because it looked like nothing. I woke up i was in my room.

100 wc

i just couldent eat something so i did something else but pretty soon i got bored of that so i played with my trains. then i got bored of that so i went outside and started to climb a tree. i climbed down and made a cubby house out of leaves and sticks. i climed a tree so i could snap a ealy good branch of the top of the tree and then i slipped. i was falling and falling and crash i landed on my cuubby house and  it broke. i went into the house and played with my trains.Image result for cows

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