BTN Don’t Panic

S: This Transcript was about two families that were put to the test and were put in a fake natural disaster.

F: Hornsby Heights on Sydney’s North Shore is near a National Park.

F: Somehow the kids did better than the adults, making some important decisions.

F: One family had to get through a cyclone and the other family had to get through a bush fire.

Q: How many people have been put through this test?

Q: What would you do if you were going through a natural disaster?

I: Every family should make a plan in case there is a natural disaster.


She Couldn’t Believe What She Had Done!

Chloe and I were on the roof of the playground when all of a sudden we heard a snap!  The roof we were on was orange and made out of plastic. CRACK!!! we heard the noise again.  I was getting nervous now and I wanted to get down.  I slid off the end of the roof and landed on the tanbark with a thud.  I told Chloe that she should probably get down but she said she couldn’t be bothered.  CCCRRAACCKK!!!!!!  The roof split open and Chloe went straight through the roof and onto the playground…… she couldn’t believe what she had done!!!


F:Cape Town is suffering a terrible drought.

F: People are being aloud only 50 litres a day.

F: People are predicting that the water will be gone by June 4th.

Q: Does anyone not get any water?

Q: Do some people get less water than others?


I was walking under a bridge when I bumped into an old man. The old man was tall, slim with grey hair and a suit on.  He said, ”Abracadabra” and with a swish of his wand a huge swarm of pink daffodils came and took the old man away.  The old man went up and up into the clouds, he flew and flew until he was so high he went POP! and came falling back down to earth.  Pieces of the old man came zooming down towards the ground.  SPLAT!!! grey clothing and a few pink daffodils were lying on the ground.


F: Natural disasters have flooded the lands of Pakistan.

F: The floods have effected 20 million people.

F: In 2004 a tsunami hit and killed 250,000 people from three country s.

Q: How many people have been treated by the rescuers?

Q: Have any of the rescuers died in the accident.


F: Huge cracks are appearing in Africa and scientists are starting to believe that Africa is splitting in half.

F: Every day the cracks are getting longer and deeper.

F: Rainfall was the thing that created the crack in the grounds off Africa.

Q: Has anyone been hurt or injured?

Q: How far has this crack travelled?

100WC The Spiky Green Thing

I was taking a walk in the park when it happened. It was horrible……it gripped onto my head and wouldn’t come off.  I could feel  it digging into my head, it was a pain I had never felt before!!! When I tried to get it out, it just poked me with its spiky thorns.  I got home and grabbed the garden tools out.  I tugged and pulled but it was no use, it was not coming out any time soon.  After that, I ran upstairs and looked in the mirror – my hair was a disgrace.  The next day it fell out and I discovered that it was just a spiky green thing.

Cyber safety.

Privacy is about controlling your personal  information,

Last year, over ninety million dollars was lost to scammers.

these are some ways to insure your safety. Make sure you never use your real name when playing online games, make sure your passwords are strong and secure, turn of your GPS devise so people cant find out where you live. Always report online bulling and offensive language and always stay safe on the web.