We were running as fast as we could. We were racing to get to the toilet. There was only one in the house and we were both bursting. We were both running fast but not fast enough to beat each other. We were both getting tired and we were slowing down. But then a jet pack with monkeys on it fell through the roof and landed on me but the jet pack had no banana fuel. Then I realised that I had spent so long thinking about it my friend had already beat me to the toilet. Whhhhhyyyyy I screamed.

Book Review (Holidays)

Book Review

Boot camp

This book was about 20 teenaged bands that went to a camp to battle. The place where they all staid was a giant hotel with tons of rooms. The main character is Jay and his brother Theo and Adam. They have to compete in different festivals and every time they do one band gets kicked out.


There was once a greedy little boy that lived in a forest, his name was Pigs. Pigs had always been a very greedy little boy since the day he was born. Pigs was so greedy that when he was born he ate his parents. Pigs had ran away from baby prison to find the Easter bunnies secret lair and eat all the chocolate.

One day, when Pigs was walking in the forest, he saw six multicoloured eggs, he picked them up and walked away back to his chocolate stashed den. After he had eaten them, he went for a walk but started flying into the sky and he was never seen again.


I was walking in the park one day when I stumbled upon a giant thing with a handle on it I didn’t really know what it was. It had a handle and an inside and an out, it was it had writing on it that said tea cup of coarse I didn’t no what that meant, I thought it was an alien that had written in its own language that had been made up from their leader called Micky mouse, he was from the planet known as the Micky mouse clubhouse. Eventually I asked someone what it was, they said it was a teacup I was thinking what a world we live in.

100 wc

” Oooooiiiii get to work” I shouted at my servant.  Today was my day where I was in charge and everyone had to do what I wanted no matter what it was or where it was. I had a chef that made me pizza and anything else I asked for….. wait no!! I said that wrong, I meant anything that I shouted at him for, anyway we do not need to talk about that dirty strange guy that lives his life with rats and skunks. I was about to get in my stolen la ferrari but a bell started going of, it was the end of the day…

100 word challenge

I was eating my dinner when a brown goldfish flew right through my window!!! I knew what to do….I went to the garage and grabbed a giant ladder.  I walked out of the garage and ran into the house but the ladder couldn’t fit through the door but I could see the brown goldfish slowly getting closer and closer.  Then I thought of an idea – I dropped  the ladder and ran for the garage.  I kept on searching for the thing I was looking for until I found it.  After a while I finally found it, it was a chainsaw. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh I charged out of the garage and chopped the brown goldfish in half.

book review

In this book the characters are Asterix and Oblix. They find out that there is a spy in their town, the spy finds out their secret to victory which is a majic potion.  The spy is a romen and he runs back to his fortress and tells the leader.  When the leader of the fortress finds out he sends his guards to find the person that makes the potion and captures him, but then Asterix saves him and brings him home.

100 word challenge

“Charge”!!!!, shouted the leader of the stick men as the stick men ran through the forest shouting a war cry.  They were invading a forest full of leaf men.  The leaf men were startled by the attack and had not seen it coming because they were allies with the stick men and closest of friends.  The battle was brutal, there were body parts of the stick men flying everywhere and shreds of the leaf men on the ground.  Eventually, the stick men had won using the element of surprise.  The stick men danced through their new home all night long but this was only the start of a war.

100 word challenge

‘Where did it come from’ I asked, ‘ it came down the drain pipe.  It was slimy and slippery, wet and large, it looked like it had a wig on it but then I found out it was a piece of cow waste product.  I didnt like the look of it one little bit, or the smell or the taste actually I didnt do that because it was a rotten face.  I showed it to my friends, I showed it to my headmaster.  But then one day it was gone, I think it ran away from me.